01 August 2013

“I have seen the Power of God..."

I was talking with one of our chaplains from the Nuba Mountains about how he knows that God is real. Our chaplain, Joffer, is a high ranking solider, who works closely with the commanders in the Nubas. His reputation is known throughout all the army. Joffer is known as a man of God – trustworthy and fearless. He has earned the respect of the commanders because of his dedication to his Heavenly Father. Many of the commanders in the area are Muslim, but they know that Joffer’s God has true power, so they ask Joffer to pray for them before they go into battle.

Joffer went on to say, “There are many ways that I know God is real. His love for me explains it all. I would not be here if it was not for Him watching over me. I was at a meeting with four commanders, planning for the battle. All of a sudden we started getting bombed by Antonovs and rockets. A bomb landed between us five soldiers, but it did not explode. We took off running to get our men to safety. When we thought the bombing was over, the five of us regrouped. Another bomb dropped in between us again! It did not explode, so we ran as fast as we could. When we got about 50 feet away, the bomb finally exploded but none of us were injured. The next day, six of us met to talk about the battle. For a third time, a bomb landed in between us, but this time it did explode. Even though six of us where around the bomb, only one man was injured in the explosion. This is how I know God was real. When all these men should have been killed, including myself, only one man was injured. God was faithful to my prayers for protection. How do I know God is real? Because I am here today. I have seen the power of God, and He is mighty!” 

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