14 December 2009

Update from China

Since it began two weeks ago, Girl’s Club on Friday nights has been a real hit.  Shannon and Barbara are thrilled at the response.  For girls between the ages of 13 to 21, there just isn’t much to do around here. Karaoke clubs and bars are about the only place to hang out. Shannon and Barbara are trying to fill the need by providing a good environment where girls can come and just hang out.  Each meeting’s plan includes games, crafts and activities.  The girls in the house are also invited to meet and spend time with our guests.  Christmas has been this month’s theme.  The girls are hearing the story of Christmas and learning all about Christmas culture.  The first week they made Christmas cards and started baked dough ornaments.  The Christmas cards came with a twist. The girls were encouraged to make two cards, one for themselves and the other to be delivered to patients when Trudy and her volunteer helpers go caroling at our local hospital.  Both cards and ornaments turned out wonderfully.  The girls had a blast and some wonderful relationships are being formed. Thank you for lifting this and all the activities at OFH.

In the vine,
Tim and the clan

11 December 2009

Meet the Masindi team!

Here are Richard and Suzan Angoma – can you see their love for Jesus radiating in their smiles? Richard is wearing the wide brimmed hat and Suzan is on his left. The Angomas direct Family Empowerment Ministry located in Masindi, Uganda. They are pictured here with some of the youth who are part of their discipleship and mentoring projects. Please pray for their ministry. They help hundreds of internally displaced Ugandans from Kitgum that were forced to flee because of the LRA. The LRA has traumatized these families. Some were abducted and forced to commit horrible atrocities, others watched loved ones hacked to death in front of them and all of them are trying to rebuild their lives with Jesus as their foundation. Richard and his family opened their 500 acre farm and gave each family a place to start cultivating. He and Suzan have committed their lives to bringing hope and healing through Jesus. Suzan is a nurse and regularly gives medical care to all the community. We sponsor a small Rabuna Fi project at the farm for women. There is a tailoring school, weekly Bible Study and they make beautiful bamboo earrings. This ministry is amazing! Look for more updates coming soon! ~Vicky


In Africa ants are a favorite food. Here are a few pictures of the tasty little buggers . These pictures were taken at the farm in Masindi. One anthill I saw at the farm was twice the size of a Toyota Land cruiser!


Harvest Time at the Farm in Masindi

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is patience (Galatians 5:22) and l believe a farm is one of the good places to learn this virtue. At Canaan farm the past few weeks till now we have been harvesting maize (corn) planted in the months of June and July. It’s been quite a hectic process right from the time of planting to the harvesting - hectic, but we truly enjoy it!  You can see how the entire community has joined hands to help harvesting.

So far we have only harvested 16 of our 35 acres. At the end of each hard day’s work l always get the opportunity to share about  my  faith or just  get people to talk about  what’s God doing in their lives and finally to pray together. It’s such a joy to see how God is touching the lives of the rural farming community in His special way.  Please pray God will bring us good buyers. The yield from this harvest will carry our families until the next harvest, God willing!

~Richard Angoma

01 December 2009

Faithful ‘disciples’ take the Word to neighboring village

These faithful saints share the Word of God with one of their neighboring villages after completing preparation training. God used them mightily!  Many from the village came forward at the end to receive Jesus and prayer.  I sat in the audience stunned at what I was witnessing.  These men and women, who are almost too shy to speak during our weekly Bible study, were boldly proclaiming the Word of God to the people of this village. They were leading worship, sharing from their hearts, and praying for the sick and those receiving Christ.  It was truly amazing! What a faithful God we serve.  

The name of the village:  Munotam, means ‘white people, think of us’.  Interesting…