29 June 2010

Urgent Prayer Request from Mark

Hi Everyone,

I just received an email from Pastor Zhenya this morning that there was a powerful tornado Sunday evening which destroyed the camp facilities and it will not be possible to hold camp at this location. (Camp is scheduled to take place next week – from July 5-15.)

Praise the Lord that it happened before the camp began and not during camp. We would appreciate your prayers as the church seeks other options for camp.

Attached are some photos showing the extent of the damage. I will keep you posted when I have more information.

Praying that God will make a way.
God bless you,

18 June 2010

Photos from the Meet and Greet!

Here are some photos of the guests who came to support Far Reaching ministries and meet James Olal, one of our senior Chaplains in Sudan!  Praise the LORD, we raised over $2,300 that will benefit the Chaplains over in Africa!  Check back later for more of these great portraits!

14 June 2010

Tailoring Class: Children and Baloons

Children play with balloons while their mothers are learning to sew.  Here at the FRM Nimule Compound women are busy everyday in our tailoring class.  Each session, 10 women are selected to train as tailors.  At the end of the 3-4 month training, the ladies are ready to start their own business sewing cloths. This is a wonderful opportunity that these ladies could not afford without help. Thank you to our faithful supporters for making this possible!

Nimule Tailoring Class

Ladies in the Nimule Tailoring Class are very busy this month cutting and sewing school uniforms.  In a few weeks, these uniforms will be part of a ‘love’ pack distribution for students in a nearby village.  These ladies have learned the trade and are now sewing 350 school uniforms as practice.  Upon graduation, they will be skilled enough to begin making an income tailoring for people in the community.  

Outreach Training Group

Ladies in our Outreach Training Group practice for their first outreach.  This wonderful group of committed ladies have been coming each Saturday for additional training in the foundations of the faith.  They will now begin to take these teachings to their communities.  They will graduate on 26th June and their first outreach in this Saturday, 19th June. Our Master of Ceremonies is this wonderful lady you see speaking, Mary Yar, from the Dinka tribe. Sitting beside her is Sabina, from the Madi tribe, and an Acholi speaker.  Both of these ladies are very active here in Nimule, S. Sudan, with the Women’s ministries.  The dancing lady, praising God is Cesarina Foni, from the Madi tribe.  She will be leading the outreach in song and praise.  She is always a blessing, full of energy and joy.

Please join us in prayer as these ladies reach out to the lost in their communities to share the hope only Jesus can give.

09 June 2010

New Picnic Benches!

Far Reaching Ministries has been upgraded!  The Lord has blessed us here with the most beautiful view of the Murrieta/Temecula Valley, and just recently the building association for our business park approved our request for Picnic Tables!  We added the umbrella's for shade, and BAM!  Outdoor lunches while enjoying God's beauty!  Thank you, Father!

The back patio at FRM HQ

Nyongwa, South Sudan; Primary School

This is the primary school compound of Nyongwa, South Sudan.  These classrooms house 1st through 6th graders.  FRM Staff visited the school to count the students in preparation for a “Love Covers” outreach scheduled for June 22-25.  During the outreach we will provide teaching from the Word, crafts, song, food, and games.  The event will conclude with a final message and ‘love’ pack distribution.  Each student (about 350 of them) will receive a backpack filled with mosquito net, blanket, school supplies, underwear, “Love Covers Africa” T-Shirt and a school uniform. Please pray that many would come to know Jesus during this time.

08 June 2010


While FRM staff and volunteers scramble to get everything in it's place for the Pastor's BBQ, the unattended Pig Pit sets a wind-blocking divider ablaze!  Courage and Sage Forsythe watched carefully as Gus was able to put the fire out quickly with a nearby, water-ready hose.  Praise the Lord!  The enemy isn't going to be able to ruin this BBQ!  Thank you LORD for your blessings and safe-keeping!

Fire Damage; Gus said the divider went up instantly and the flames were 8 feet high in mere seconds.  Gus immediately saved the day with the prepped-and-ready garden hose he set up for just such an emergency.  Great thinking, Gus!

Gus and Courage, post-fire, with the remaining wind-blockers

8th Annual Pastor's BBQ: setting up!

The ladies getting ready...

Gus getting ready...

Piggy McPiggerson getting ready...

01 June 2010

Love Covers: Backpack Filling!

South Sudanese Chaplains gathered to help us fill 350 backpacks for a Love Covers outreach in a nearby village. In June, we will share the Word and Jesus love with these young students for 3 days.  The event will conclude with the ‘Love Pack’ distribution. Each student will receive a backpack, mosquito net, blanket, school uniform, underwear and school supplies.  What a blessing!