19 December 2010

meeting with a group of Somali ladies

I want to share with you about a meeting that we had with a group of Somali ladies who were Muslims but received Jesus Christ as their personal Savoir. We got together with other believers from another church. Also, our 9 sisters and 1 brother from Somalia joined us. As I said all of them are Christians now… We had a time of worship, small Bible study and then a few of them shared their testimonies…One lady in that group has 11 children and was abandoned by her husband because she became a Christian, she also hosts two more young ladies who became Christians whose families chased them out of their homes…Another lady has two brothers who promised to kill her because of her conversion into Christianity and she prayed for protection from the Lord and one of her brothers moved to Dubai and another brother suddenly died…It’s a tragedy, but she is safe for now. You know, to hear these stories about the lives of these ladies was very challenging and encouraging…to know that God is in control and Muslims are getting saved and challenging because their lives are so hard and their faith is so strong for them it is life and death…We prayed with them and they sang a Somali worship song!!! It was so cool!!! J Also, they received a gift of some food and supplies to study the Bible…It was a sweet time of fellowship…Thank you Jesus!!! 

13 December 2010

Updates from Jamie McKinley

So internet has been off and on here, but I just wanted to update you all on the huge blessing God gave me. 
As you know we have been praying for a car that I could drive so that Natasha and I could do more ministry without the added cost of taxi fees.  I am so happy to say that God is faithful and with the great help and shopping expertise of Wes, we here in Nairobi have a new car!  Yes, I am driving quite frequently now, and loving the added freedom and opportunities it has already given Natasha and I to minister more to the church body and others. 
Thank you to all who have supported me in prayers and support for making this possible.  I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to all of you who were a part of this.  I am also so thankful to Wes and Vicky and the team here who took the time to help me choose the right car that would fit the ministry needs and the security needs.  I am not a big fan of car shopping and all my loving friends and FRM family made it much better.  This is just again another answered prayer!!
The photos are of the car and us having fun in it, it is a 2003 Toyota Noah.  A van that is big enough to help pick people for guesthouse and also will help with the youth girls when we have events.  The fun part is the back seats can move and face each other or just be set up all facing the front, so much fun!
Now all we need is a great name for it, if you have any suggestions please let me know, Natasha and I still have not picked out a name.  Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and celebrating to true reason for the season!!!