23 April 2013


We are blessed as a ministry to also work with great missionaries.  Be encouraged as you read their story.  

Being a missionary, it is necessary to count everything but the gain of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord as garbage. (Phil. 3:8 NLT) Tom and I have been involved in overseas missions for over twelve years and have had many opportunities to experience the cost of service.

Ten years ago, on our first mission overseas in Israel, the Lord made clear His calling on our lives. He gave us John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Our calling was and is “For God so loved the world…” Some missionaries know at a young age they will grow up and serve in a particular country or location. On the other hand, some grow into a love and desire to serve in a certain place where God had led them. It is amazing to read about missionaries spending their whole lives in one place. For Tom and I, God did not call us to one place—but said that we would have the world as our mission field. This means we could go anywhere. Knowing this, when we go where God calls, we still serve as though we will always be there. Our hearts are firmly planted to love and serve those God places before us for as long as He desires.

There are those who question us as to why we seem to move on every few years. The answer is a simple one: God says it is time to go. This is not an easy thing to do; in fact, it is very hard for Tom and I to leave those we have come to love and cherish. What makes going to someplace new so difficult is knowing that our hearts will be terribly broken one day, leaving friends and loved ones behind because of God’s calling for our lives. Pieces of our hearts have been left behind in Sudan, Uganda, Israel, Rwanda, Kenya and here in the states. And, it should be this way, to leave a part of yourself behind. You need to know that it does hurt, a lot. This is part of living our lives for Christ. Christ loved those He served and we are called to follow in His steps. Some of you have asked us about the difficulties we face living overseas. It is not an easy life God chose for us. We are separated from our family much of the time, as I was from Tom for over a year. We miss our families, kids, grandchildren and friends; we have no house or apartment to come home to. Our health has suffered. Those we are called to serve do not always welcome us. It can be very dangerous. So why do we do what we do? Because of GOD! There is no greater joy than serving God. Being a part of the joy of someone coming to Christ, discipling those who want more of Jesus. Loving the unloved through Christ’s love, being a light to a dark & dying world.

What can be better than that? The joy that God places before us is very real, but not always easy. I am being very honest because you need to know how to pray for us as we prepare for the United Kingdom. Our next mission field will be a very difficult one. Again we will be separating from our family and friends.  Most don’t realize that those we will share with in the United Kingdom will be much less receptive to the gospel than whose we have served in the past.  Our desire is to be faithful servants, despite the conditions. Jesus is Lord!

Maybe you have always lived in one place or maybe you move a lot. What is important is that you remain or go as God leads you. It is easy to think the ministry is all about you, what you can do for God or how God is going to use you. This is not true; ministry is all about God, about where He wants to take you and what He wants to do with your life as a believer. He chooses to use us for His good pleasure and we can do nothing apart from Him. The path God has chosen for you is perfect. Let nothing detour you from His path. God uses trials and various situations to build your faith. He wants to see if you trust Him. Do you? Do you know He is faithful to complete the good work He is doing in you? Go where He calls you to go and do what He calls you to do!  One day when you reach your final destination He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 
We love you all so very much,
Tom & Cheryl Rees

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“I once thought all these things were so very important, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done. Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the priceless gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I may have Christ and become one with him.”  Philippians 3:8 NLT

11 April 2013

We covet your prayers!

Thank you for joining with us in prayer!
  • Please continue to pray for the arrival of the container.  Ask the Lord to be in all the details of its delivery.
  • Please pray for the chaplains who are serving in harm’s way in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, and Darfur.  Ask the Lord to keep them safe and provide strength and endurance as they minister in these hard places.
  • Continue to ask the Lord to be the provider for the many hundreds of thousands who have been displaced by violence and lack even the most basic food supplies. 
  • Pray for the youth and women’s ministries in South Sudan.  Ask the Lord to make their faith deep and a witness to all they know. 

Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo
  • Please pray for healing for Twinkle's neck & back (she has a herniated cervical disc that’s pressing on her spine).
  • Please pray that God would give her strength as she continues to home school the kids.
  • Please pray for Pastor Nicholas as he pastors CC Nairobi in Dave's absence.
  • Please pray that God would provide sufficient finances for the Zavala Family.

Natasha Chilikina: Nairobi
Praise report:
  • It is so amazing to see how the Word of God is changing the ladies in the Women’s ministry. Phyllis, Pastor Nicholas’ wife started a small Bible study with the ladies who are living in the same area with her.  They just started on Saturday and one of the ladies shared that she had never heard the Word of God being explained that well.  She asked for more time and now they are meeting three times a week and go through the book of 1 John, the same book the church is studying on Sunday.  It is an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness and work.

Prayer requests:
  • Please pray for Janet and Phyllis that they continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and for the Holy Spirit to teach them and lead them and guide in their Bible studies.
  • Please pray for wisdom in how to minister to the worship team and to the church body at CC Nairobi.
  • Pray for the discipleship with Christine, she is a young girl who would like to join the worship team.  They will start with a devotion together; please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Rees Family: Thika
  • Pray for Gilbert and Esther as they serve as the pastor and pastor's wife at Calvary Thika. Pray for wisdom and strength for each day and that the Lord would be glorified in all they do.
  • Blessings to Lucy and husband John who have so faithfully served at Calvary Thika. God has blessed them with a new baby girl who has brought them great joy.
  • Pray for Tom as he goes back to the dentist for another root canal. Tom has been able to share with the dentist. Pray for the salvation of the dentist and his wife, David and Kristen.

  • Please pray for the sale of the Kampala guesthouse.

Kanyike Family: Kampala
  • Please pray for Brian as Josh is leaving on furlough for up to 6 months and he will be overseeing things while he is away.
  • Pray for all the ministries taking place at CCKampala.
  • Pray for all the visitors who are here to be healthy.
  • Pray for Jill's Bible study on Tuesday
  • Thank you for your faithful prayer for the ministry in Uganda and for the Kanyike family.

Eastham Family: Kampala
  • Pray that the Eastham children will adjust back to their homeschooling routine.
  • Pray that John restarts work at church with renewed focus.

Coggin: Sanctuary of Grace, Gulu
  • Please pray for their greatest need—for the Lord is to send some helpers, both short term and long term.  They are looking for teachers, educators, curriculum writers, etc.
  • Please pray for the young people who attended the youth conference in Nimule, South Sudan.  They asked deep searching questions and are seeking Him.
  • Pray with Keith and Lisa as they continue to disciple, teach and serve in Gulu and branch out into other areas of Uganda and South Sudan.

G***** Family
  • Pray for God’s guidance as they seek His will daily.
  • Pray for a speedy immigration process for K***.
  • They request prayer that God would bless their families and the FRM family for all their support of them during this hard time.

  • Sasha started treatments this past week for hepatitis. Please ask the Lord to provide the funding for those treatments.
  • Please pray for Luba as she tries to gather information and photos.

Scott Family:  Cape Town
  • Pray for the Scott's as they are planting a church and raising a family. 
  • Pray that the Lord would show His grace upon them and they would bring glory to His Name. 
  • Pray that the men who are coming to the men's study would be built up in the Word of God and be ready to be used by Him. 
  • Pray that the families in the church would stay strong in the face of persecution. 
  • Pray for Bob and Suzanne's time. That they would manage it well with all that they have to do. 

E**** Family
  • Please keep the interns lifted as they grapple with their study and their relationships - horizontal and vertical.
  • Please also keep T*** and T*** lifted.
  • Please keep the plans for this summer lifted up.  Boss willing, they will be coming back to the states with T***, which means the camps will be headed up by a different leader.  It looks like nearly a month of camps in different places, so favor is needed with the local groups and authorities.  So, please keep the staffing, favor and provision in all kinds of ways lifted up.
  • They were hit with more requirements for T*** paperwork.  Please lift up T***’s heart about the situation, toward people and toward the work that he does. 
  • Please keep the Italian contingent lifted. 
  • Please also keep TJ lifted as he and his fiancĂ© are working through the loss of her grandmother. 
  • Please keep the bike shop lifted.  After this weekend they should be 90% open.  By April it will be 100% up and running and have the first bike club gathering, a month late but not bad. 
  • Please keep the work in the orphanage lifted.  The orphanage crew is doing an amazing job.
  • Please also continue to keep K**** lifted.

  • Please pray for the Celebration Life Festival and Crusade in St. Joseph, MO. Pray for those who are in bondage to religion, who believe they are saved, but in fact are not. Billy Graham once said; “Religion is like a flu shot, it will keep you from getting the real thing.”
  • Please pray for those who surrender their lives to Christ as they are challenged in their walk.  Pray for them as they turn from the things the Lord has shown them that can no longer be tolerated. 
  • Thank you for your continued prayer for Carol Garlow!  A year ago the Doctors, working on their best indicators prepared the family for her to remain this side of eternity for only 6 more weeks.  Carol and her husband are praising the Resurrected Lord for what He has done and thank you for praying! Please pray for them to continue to stand strong as they persevere!