26 September 2012


During my last my trip into the Nuba Mountains, I saw families living in absolute poverty. The chaplains in the Nuba Mountains have been at war for 17 months with little or no resupply.  With rags for clothing; shoes and simple things that we take for granted do not exist.  Food is very scarce and the traders that are bringing it in are charging $200 for a 50 lb. bag of rice.  People just cannot afford to buy food with the average income being $300 a year.  Our men are all thin from the lack of food.  They and their families are hungry.  Yet, they do not complain. They continue to serve the Lord and the people with a joyful heart. We want to send each chaplain a plastic tub filled with what each family needs and a 6 month supply of beans, rice, oil, sugar and salt, so they can eat.  If you would like to be a cup of cold water to a weary soldier of the cross you can donate $500 to make sure they receive this much needed food and encouragement. 

After our staff returned from dropping in 9,000 lbs. of medical supplies, we heard from the commanders that they could not believe so much medicine had been delivered.  The general in charge told the men that this was a great gift, to guard it and make sure it made it to those in need.  I want to thank all of you who gave.  Jesus said, “I was hungry and you fed me.”

In the Lamb,

Wes Bentley

To help, go to frmusa.org or call 951-677-4474.

20 September 2012


PLEASE PRAY:  Spiritual warfare doesn’t just happen to Christians in America.  It happens to Christians globally.  Please pray for our leadership on the ground in South Sudan and Uganda, as they are under intense spiritual attack!

  • Please intercede for the Lord's victory in spiritual battles across several fronts.
  • Please pray for the people of the Nuba Mountains, as well as the hundreds of thousands who have fled to refugee camps.  There has been an outbreak of Hepatitis E.
  • Please pray specifically for the chaplains serving in the Nuba Mountains.  Ask the Lord to give them everything they need to minister the gospel in this harsh environment.  Ask the Lord to pour fresh encouragement out on them each day.  Pray that not one more Nubian would perish before receiving the gift of salvation.
Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo
  • Please pray that God would guide in finding safe and affordable housing for the Zavala Family and for the FRM guesthouse. Yesterday, they were informed that the government will be putting a railway line through their housing complex and houses will be demolished.
  • Please pray for the men and women in the church and for the women at the Kibera salon, that the Word of God would change them and that they would walk in righteousness.
  • Please pray that Margret would be able to quit her addiction to alcohol.
Rees Family: Thika
  • Pray for the upcoming elections, for peace and for the protection of Calvary Thika.
  • Thank you all for your weekly prayers. Tom and Cheryl arrived safely out of town, where they will be visiting many precious brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for a fruitful time of fellowship in Jesus.
  • Pray for Pastor Mark, as his son dives for a living and was trapped underwater for 45 minutes. Praise God that he is safe, and pray for continued protection on this dangerous job.
  • Pray for the Rees’ daughter, Melissa, who will be traveling to Germany on a special mission.
  • Pray for John in Thika who is filling in at this time. Some new people have started coming, and John would like prayer for ministering to the new people and reaching out in the community.
  • Margaret is looking for a new home as her neighborhood is not safe after a couple of robberies.
  • Pray for Esther, who will be delivering her first child.
  • Pray for a Bill, a man whom the Rees’ recently met from Greece. He comes from a family of priests, but has become disillusioned with the church and needs to return to God.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for Tom and Cheryl as they seek the Lord each day.
Gulu, Kitgum, Masindi
  • Far Reaching Ministries' children's outreach teams in Kitgum, Uganda, are passionately praying for the children attacked by “Nodding Disease.” The World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and various other experts have unable to trace the cause of this FATAL illness.  Missionaries on the ground say the statistics are worse than what is reported.  Hundreds of children in Northern Uganda have already perished; thousands more are sick.
Carlson Family: Kampala
  • Pray that as they conclude a year in Ephesians, the church would grasp what God has accomplished through the book in their lives.
  • Pray that Frontline's photo exhibition would raise awareness and funds ahead of 2013.
Kanyike Family: Kampala (City Centre, FRM Guest House)
  • Pray the community group members would enjoy fellowshipping together and start reaching out to their communities.
  • Continue to pray that visitors coming through the guesthouse would be blessed and stay healthy.
  • Continue to pray for the Kanyike family and all the ministries they are a part of.
Eastham Family: Kampala
  • Pray that John would be able to speak wisely to their guards regarding their “Christian” walk. 
  • Pray for Lily as she balances homeschooling the children with working on the Anne Graham Lotz conference.
  • Pray for protection and for victory over spiritual warfare.
  • Pray for an honest and effective exterminator to rid their attic of thousands of bats.
Passion Kampala 2012
  • Pray that John would be able to arrange the Passion Kampala team’s transportation well.
  • Pray that the churches would be able to sell the Passion Kampala tickets without any problems.
  • Pray that God would provide “car host” volunteers with servant's hearts.  The “car hosts” will ensure the Passion Kampala members' safe travel around Kampala and timely arrival to meetings and the September 29th event.
Anne Graham Lotz’s Uganda Visit
  • Pray for wisdom on transporting pastors and leaders from all over Uganda to the conferences in Gulu and Kampala.
  • Pray for good communication with the regional contacts. Use of emails is limited, and calling and texting are often unreliable.
  • Pray that they will be able to verify who is coming to the conference.
  • Pray for the hotel in Gulu to fix the air conditioning in time and to have enough chairs for the conference.
  • Pray for the ladies in Kiryandongo as they make the tote bags that will be handed out at the conferences.
Ceaser Family
  • Pray that the immigration officials to approve the Ceasers' occupation permit.
  • Pray for the continued healing of Eliana’s elbow fracture. The cast has been removed, but she needs to wear a sling for one more week.
  • Praise God for a relaxing family day on Sunday afternoon, a time of rest after a busy Sunday morning.
  • Praise God for the approval of their organization: their NGO, Charis, is now officially registered with the government.
Langley Family
  • Pray for continual growth in understanding the culture and people and how best to minister the gospel.
  • Pray for favor with various government agencies as they move the church and school to a new building, register for charitable status, and sort out VAT and Health and Safety requirements for the Bookstore and Cafe that the church will be opening before the end of the year.
  • Pray for students from Ireland and other countries to sign up for the upcoming school semester in February.
  • Pray for the upcoming Calvary Ireland conference (Sep 28-10) to go well and be a blessing to all the saints in attendance.
  • Pray for their children to continue to adjust and adapt to the culture and language here, especially to the education system.
  • Pray for opportunities to lead their neighbors into a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Pray for increased monthly financial support.
G***** Family
  • Pray for the Lord's assistance in finding an apartment in ***.
  • Pray for an extension for their visas.
  • Pray for the Lord's guidance.
  • Pray for blessings over their many necessary appointments with ***.
Scott Family
  • Praise the Lord that their first service in the new venue went really well. The Lord was present.
  • Please continue to pray for the church plant. Pray that the Lord would use them in the area where they are. Pray that many would be restored to fellowship with Him.
  • Please pray for the newspaper outreach. This is a very fruitful ministry. Pray that the Lord would use it to call many to Himself and to the fellowship.
  • Please pray for the Scotts' new baby arriving in January. They just found out that it is a girl!
  • Please pray for the Lord's continued hand of protection upon the Scott’s as they do ministry. Pray the Lord would keep sickness and the enemy away.
  • Please pray for the Africa Conference here next week. Pray for the speakers that are coming from the U.S. Pray that their travels would be good and their teachings would touch many.
Mark Piester
  • Please pray for Valentina Kravtsova, age 67, who fell and broke her hip two weeks ago. She is now at home recuperating; her family has been caring for her, including feeding her and giving her injections.
  • Please pray for Luba, who had a heart attack shortly after the last camp ended. She was taken to the local hospital and has been undergoing treatments.  Last week at the regional cardiology center, she was diagnosed with “dysfunction of her left ventricular and atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries." She shows signs of improvement, but is still in the hospital and is undergoing treatment and additional testing.
E***** Family
  • Please lift K****.  Please lift up the family.  Pray for her healing.  Pray for the peace that passes all understanding for T****.
  • Please continue to lift the team that ministers at the orphanage.  One of the babies with very serious health issues lost his battle to survive.  They are upset at the loss 
  • Please lift up that the word would get out to the local university students that Thursday at Olivet is available to them.  Please also lift Friday Night Life.
  • Please also keep G**** and A**** lifted as they await the birth of their next child.  Pray also for G****’s situation with his employer.
  • Please pray for the bike shop.  These are the remaining details; a website, determining an inventory, designing maps and itineraries for day trips and getting people trained as bike techs.
  • Please lift up the interns and staff as they learn to live together and minister to one another.  The world around them will know who it is they follow by their love one for another.
  • Please yarp for T****.
  • Please pray for the Celebration Life Festival and Crusade in St Joseph, MO. Pray for each of the speakers, that the Lord would be pouring His spirit into them.
  • Many areas of the world continue to be a hot spot for missionaries.  Please pray for the team members serving in Kenya and Uganda and points beyond.  They are serving in areas where declaring Christ, or even just being American could make them a target.   Please pray for their safety, for wisdom, for unshakable confidence in the Lord, for fearlessness and spiritual discernment, and for continued unity. 
  • Please pray for Pastor Jim and Carol Garlow. Carol is a fierce warrior in this battle called cancer.  Ask the Lord to be their everything as each day brings its new challenges.  Ask the Lord to strengthen them through each medical procedure.  Ask Him to fight this battle in His strength.
  • Please pray for protection for Kevin and Amtec.
  • Please ask the will of the Lord to prevail in Encinitas, where the Elementary School District plans to replace their P.E. Program with Yoga, which is a Hindu religious practice.

19 September 2012

Treasures of the darkness

I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, am the God of Israel.  Isaiah 45:3

“…God has taught me this lesson by experience and from His Word, sometimes His glory is in the darkness…Everybody else wants to stand back from the darkness (Exodus 20:21: So the people stood afar off, but Moses drew near the thick darkness where God was), I can remember a point in time telling God, ‘Everybody else wants to stand back from the darkness - the problems, the pressures, the things you don’t understand’…Moses embraced the darkness because he KNEW that is where he would know God in a way he wouldn’t in the light. I told God, ‘I also will embrace the darkness – suffering, pressures, pain, things I don’t understand, things that don’t make sense - because I want to know God. There are some ways you know Him in the darkness; you don’t know Him out there’…”  Anne Graham Lotz

Be still and know He is God. He has treasures for you too in this dark time. It’s here alone, broken, and without illumination that many learn to hear His heart, not just His voice, His heart…

18 September 2012

Following His Light Natasha Chilikina

There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities but it is the same God who works all in all  ~1 Corinthians 12:4-6~

Sitting at the church on Sunday was so refreshing! It felt like we were living in the Holy Spirit’s fire just like the early church described in Acts. The Holy Spirit appointed elders and deacons at churches, love for God enabled them to let go of the world, and the church flourished because they ministered one to another.

Commissioning new leaders
Here in Nairobi we are arising from a long season where it “seemed” like there was little or no fruit, it felt dry and often everyday was a battle. I personally felt at times, drained of strength and even breath to press forward. Looking back, I see Jesus upheld me and sustained me by the treasures of wisdom and knowledge He spoke to me in my secret prayer closet. In a whole new way I am learning how to walk by faith, not by sight, or by circumstances. Sunday the Lord just opened my eyes to His work in the Spirit. What Jesus is doing is so beautiful. At CC Nairobi we are starting to see the desert places blossom! 
I am so encouraged to join heart to heart with my brothers and sisters for worship practice. It’s a miracle to see their burning and passionate hearts for more of Jesus…To see the ladies of Rabuna Fi take over the hospitality ministry, making, serving, and cleaning up after tea…To see the Bible College students washing the floors and cleaning the bathrooms…To see our Sunday school classes bursting at the seams with new comers…
Our Body – our Family in Christ – united with one voice, one Spirit, one desire as we worshipped our King in the Beauty of His Holiness.  Heaven and earth collided and it was so powerful it brought tears of thanksgiving to my eyes. 
Watching Pastor Dave proclaiming God’s Word while on his knees I saw the True Good Shepherd heart of Jesus pouring forth from him. It literally felt like we joined in with the hosts of heaven as we sang, “Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”…I bow my knee before my Lord Jesus for Who He is…
Precious Sisters and Brothers, this is God’s design for His Bride. I know the external pressures and the cunning warfare in the Spirit are seeking to quench this revival in you, in your family, and in your church – don’t give in, keep praying, and expect to see Him for yourself today!

16 September 2012

Human Trafficking in Kenya by Natasha Chilikina

I talked to Sam, (not his real name) a brother from Calvary Chapel Nairobi, on Sunday. Sam serves with an Inductive Bible Study Training Program. The ministry takes the training seminars to various regions all across Kenya.  

Sam shared that his heart was broken over the devastation Human Traffickers are inflicting on families deep inside the village. The Kenyan government took a bold step to close down all agencies recruiting young men and women to work in the Middle East. While that doesn’t eradicate Trafficking it does make it harder to prey on the innocent. Sam had no idea the networks enslaving Kenyans had penetrated so deep into the interior. Agencies, just like the ones in Nairobi, manipulate and deceive young people into thinking a job awaits them abroad…instead torture, sexual slavery, exploitation, and horrible abuse is all they find. The paycheck never comes and most families NEVER hear from their children again.
Women committed to fight Human Trafficking in thier village
Sam has firsthand experience with Human Trafficking – first watching us trying to intervene for Grace and then an agency lured his sister with the promise of a job. By God's grace the message informing her to report for her flight was "accidentally" sent to him. Thankfully his sister was spared…others are not so fortunate.

While upcountry, Sam was shocked to discover agencies just like the ones in Nairobi, are devouring families. Because it seems like a legitimate job opportunity and because the poverty level is so high, families willingly agree to send their children for work… He met two families who just lost their daughters 

Sam told me that his heart was so broken when he saw how big the problem is and asked us to pray for him. Although he is overwhelmed with sadness he is committed to speak out – bringing awareness and warnings to pastors and leaders. Sam attended our Awareness Seminar at Calvary Chapel Nairobi in August and now passes the information along as he travels. Please pray for Sam to have discernment and boldness. Pray the communities will heed the warnings!


10 September 2012

Nodding Disease ~by Vicky Bentley

…The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16
Our Kitgum, Uganda outreaches to children are passionately praying for the children attacked by “Nodding Disease.” The World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and various other experts have unable to trace the cause of this FATAL illness. It starts as seizures, progresses into epilepsy, and slowly they become completely incapacitated and die.
Missionaries on the ground say the statistics are worse than what is being reported in the paper. Hundreds of children in Northern Uganda have been already perished; thousands more are sick. Nodding Disease predominately affects children. There is no known cure…
Today I received an urgent prayer request asking for all who are willing to fast and pray for these children this week. Please pray with us this week. These families have been through severe trauma and heartache only Jesus can fully understand…Now is the time for us to bridge this gap, restore the breach and PRAY God will revive Northern Uganda, one soul at a time.
Lois Ford, Founder and Director of Tender Trust, has been reaching out to the villages hit the hardest. One family shared with her as tears were streaming down their faces, how they survived the attacks, escaped abduction by the rebels, endured the horrors of the IDP (internally displaced persons) Camps, resettled, sweated and toiled to cultivate, scrimped and saved to get their children in school and now their ONLY two children had advanced stage nodding disease.
Please ask God to sweep through like a flood, carrying away all the pain and aftermath of the LRA, all the devastation and hopelessness of this disease, and bring a season of healing and total spiritual restoration.
Listen! The LORD's arm is not too weak to save you, nor is His ear
too deaf to hear you call. …Do not remember the former things,
nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing…
With this news, strengthen those who have tired hands,
and encourage those who have weak knees.
Say to those with fearful hearts,
“Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy
your enemies. He is coming to save you.”…
Ah Lord GOD! Behold, Thou hast made the heaven and the earth
by Thy great power and stretched out arm, and
 there is nothing too hard for Thee
O sing unto the LORD a new song;
for He hath done marvelous things:
His right hand, and His holy arm, have brought Him the victory…
He acted with a strong hand and powerful arm.
His faithful love endures forever….
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
old things have passed away;
behold, all things have become new. …
Isaiah 59:17 (NLT) Isaiah 43:18-19; Isaiah 35:4-5 (NLT); Jeremiah 32:17;
Psalm 98:1, Psalm 136:12 (NLT); 2 Corinthians 5:17

08 September 2012

John ~ by Vicky Bentley

John listening as I read Anne Graham Lotz's, "Heaven, God's Promise for Me."

Meet my friend John! His smile is ALWAYS that bright and He loves Jesus passionately. John and his family fled from the LRA and now live at Canaan Farm. His mother Ketty is part of Rabuna Fi and
is sewing the "pouches of prayer" - bags to hold the Bible,
workbook, pen and paper that will be given to
EVERY guest at the  Anne Graham Lotz, Rooted in More of Jesus Uganda event.

The same Jesus Ketty worships is alive in John...
His joy remains even when sitting in his wheel chair starts to hurt,
or it gets lonely in his room because no one is there to talk with him...  
John and Jesus go through life hand in hand,
heart to heart...I want to live like that too...don't you?
I hope one day you will come and see it for yourself....
because if John hears you came just to see him
he will flash that smile I love so much...
as proof of that your love in action
feels to John exactly like the touch of Jesus love he knows so well..


06 September 2012

Pouches of Prayer ~by Vicky Bentley

This October, Anne Graham Lotz is coming to Uganda! For the past two years, she has been preparing for Rooted in More of Jesus, a series of workshops to equip the leaders as Warriors of the Word! She said, “We at AnGeL Ministries are standing on tiptoe in our spirits to watch God build up His people by rooting them in the Word, establishing them in His Holy Spirit and allowing us the privilege of loving them in action!” 

Richard & Suzan Angoma
Amen…We also cannot wait to watch God revive this land we so dearly love. For the last few months Lily Eastham and I have had the privileged of serving AnGeL Ministries. In August, Tim Turner their Special Events Coordinator came to finalize all our plans for the seminars. 
Tim, Lily, and I set off from Kampala for Gulu. I arranged for us to visit Canaan Farm…which any of you who know Richard & Suzan, or have been here, can testify it is like a little slice of heaven on earth!!!!! Seriously, you feel God’s presence in the moist African air, you see His artistic demonstrations of love painted across the sky every dawn and every dusk, you sense His arms of love as the women of Rabuna Fi welcome you will ululations and hugs, and you will never get tired of witnessing life springing forth from death as the farms come alive each season and the saints press closer into Jesus…
We started with a grand tour of the ministry climaxing when Richard & Suzan crowned their vision statement by telling Tim how delighted the people of Uganda are that “the daughter of Billy Graham would come all the way to Uganda!  I was beaming as we crossed the road leading up to the Canaan Vocational Training Center (where the women of Rabuna Fi meet each week for Bible study, literacy training, fellowship and income generating activities) because I knew Tim was in for a special treat... 
Pouch of Prayer
The women greeted Tim with a song of praise to our Savior and King, Jesus Christ, in their native Acholi language. Lily and Tim were speechless ~ such an outpouring of worship toward God and love towards us, as brethren in the Lord, is unforgettable. It whets the appetite for heaven!
I asked Tim to share the vision of Rooted in More of Jesus. The room exploded with applause…you see these women really do understand that only Jesus can heal. They are all victims of the violence that displaced and nearly destroyed the precious people of the northern-most regions in this beautiful and bountiful “Pearl of Africa.” Tim and Lily had no idea because their joy in the Lord swallowed up the pain. Jesus is ALIVE in these sisters and the broken, bereft, bitter women they used to be died and they dwell in His love – whole, holy, and HUNGRY for more! 
Looking at their faces shining in His glory I shared that they would be with us at this conference…even though they do not yet know enough English to grab hold of the message, they were already ushered in by the Holy Spirit….

Pouches of Prayer sewn at Rabuna Fi's Canaan Vocational Center
Each bag they loving sew is their entrance card! Jesus gave them front row seats…because they are interceding for the brother or sister whom will receive the “pouch of prayer” at the registration table! The women of Rabuna Fi are asking the Father to lavish the guest who will hold that bag with exceedingly great and precious personal promises, the fullness of the Spirit, and boldness to carry to the uttermost ends of Uganda what Jesus taught them through Anne. It was for sure a holy moment….those ladies erupted in praise and I just know the angels joined right in with us!

And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins…
God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which
He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses,
made us alive together with Christ… and raised us up together,
and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,
that in the ages to come He might show the
exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus…
we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them…
you who once were far off have been brought near
by the blood of Christ…Now, therefore, you are
no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints
and members of the household of God…built on the foundation of…
Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone…in whom the whole building,
being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord…
you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.
~Ephesians 2:1-22~