26 July 2011

Postcards from Africa

So here I am.  Africa.  I have been hearing about the ministry since about 1996, coming on staff in 2007.    After all these years of reading the FRM newsletter and reading all the missionary newsletters and seeing the photographs and reading the prayer points and all the other things at work that make me a part of the ministry, I am finally here. 
Kelly and I flew into Entebbe where Vicky and Natasha picked us up and we left the following day for Gulu, and onward to Kitgum.  We visited Keith and Lisa Coggin at Sanctuary of Grace, and then onto visit Lois at Tender Trust.  We have been working on updating the photos and the information for the children that are sponsored.  We have also visited Kitgum Infant Orphan Care and Sister Teddy at NUCBCD.  We have had a chance to worship together, make ‘smores with them, and love on the kids.  Your kids are well.  J  And they are so sweet.  They shake my hand and greet me as I pass by.  And they know that their life is different because of you. 
Today Kelly and I shared with the kids from the 23rd Psalm.  The Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want.    He goes before us.  He cares for us.  He walks with us through “the things that can make you dead”—according to one of the kids here at Tender Trust.  What a great reminder that no matter what, when I choose to follow Him, He takes care of all the details.   I’m looking forward to see where He’ll lead me next.  In the short term, its back to Gulu and then on to Sudan on Monday.   Looking with expectation toward the future!        
Because of Him,
Tender trust....

Time with precious kids...

Teaching the Bible...

12 July 2011

Whispers of His Wonder

Two new posts to the Whispers of His Wonder blog. Please check them out 
there are precious truths to glean. 

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07 July 2011

Whispers of His Wonder Posts

Please check out our new Whispers of His Wonder blog. It is located to the right. All you have to do is click the  photo. We have some little treasures that are sure to bless your heart. 

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04 July 2011

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...

When Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” He was not joking. Being here in Nimule, and seeing what the Lord had done in the last 13 years, I am so encouraged… The name of the women’s ministry here is Rabuna Fi, and it means “God is here.” We have six Bible studies a week. Women from different language groups are coming every day. We have ladies from Dinka, Madi, and Acholi language groups; we also go to Loa and Mutuwa where we gather under trees to study the Word of God!!! It amazing to see the Lord is working in the lives of these ladies…
The Bible study in Mutuwa was born from an evangelistic crusade the Sudanese ladies led in June. The Word comes alive here. These sisters have great faith and do great exploits for Jesus.
I noticed right away the difference between ladies of Rabuna Fi and the new believers in Mutuwa.  Gift Mura, the Project Administrator for Rabuna Fi, taught about a sin and God’s attitude toward sin. Most of these ladies had no idea that God hates sin, that we are lost in our sins and that only in Jesus can we defeat sin. Please pray for us as we teach these sisters the foundations of the faith. I look forward to watching God move! It’s exciting to teach those who are ready to receive! Please pray for Gift, while she is getting ready to teach every Friday. Pray that these ladies have a hunger to study the word of God. Lastly, most of them don’t have a Bible in their dialect, so please pray the Lord will provide for everyone to have a Bible. 

... Bible study ...

... teaching the Word of God ...