25 August 2013

Making today count ~ by Vicky Bentley

When I saw this posted on my friend’s facebook I wondered what would happen if all of us purposed today to go a step further. Kindness isn’t enough…what if we extravagantly and intentionally show Christ’s kindness AND His love…imagine how powerful that could be?

We don’t realize the intensity and influence of stress on everyday life is getting heavier and harder as the days grow more evil. The world brazenly rejects God grieving His Spirit and refusing to accept His mercy. Friend or foe of the Lord Jesus Christ, now more than ever, they need to know they are loved and have an eternal destiny ~ if we don’t tell them who will?

You may be thinking, “My plate is already full!” believe me, I hear you…but we have HELP and HOPE as close as a prayer. Taking all our burdens and laying them by faith at the feet of Jesus not only frees us but also makes our actions that much more genuine and effectual! Make today count for the kingdom, I have to say it again ~ if we don’t love them who will?

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