19 July 2013

Please Join Us in Prayer

Thank you for joining us in ministry through prayer!  Here are the latest requests.

  • Pray for this 9th class of chaplains who just graduated and whose deployment will move them directly to the front lines where there is heavy conflict.  Ask the Lord to take all that they have learned and now make it practical and useful, for His glory and the saving of many people.   
  • Please pray for the stabilization of South Sudan.  The oil reserve areas are still under attack from the north, not allowing the south to properly grow its economy and care for its people.

  • Praise God!  He supplied a visa!
  • Please keep this missionary lifted.  After a decade of serving in very difficult circumstances, he has a lot to say about what he has observed and what is happening in the country which wh served.  Ask the Lord to provide the words and platform for what He would have shared.

Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo
  • Please pray for healing for the Zavala family from coughs & colds.
  • Praise God for yesterday's evangelism outreach.  There was a big turnout, please pray that "seeds fell in good ground", and those who got born again would commit their lives to the Lord.
  • Please pray for the team from Harvest team that will be coming out in August to do short term ministry with the team in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Natasha Chilikina: Nairobi
  • Pray that the ladies would grow in their maturity in Christ.
  • Pray for wisdom in how to minister to the worship team.

Rees Family: Thika
  • Please pray that Helen will come to know Jesus and receive His Word as truth.
  • Please pray for a special move of God’s Spirit on Gloucester and Wales.
  • Thank you to all who were such a great blessing to the Rees’.

Ruth Deam: Karen
  • Please pray for Ruth’s sister’s mother in law who has heart complications and is getting worse day by day.  Also lift up a friend who has inoperable pancreatic cancer. Please pray for Maxwell, his parents are not doing well, especially his mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Please pray for strength, comfort and as the Lord leads.
  • Please pray for Prison ministry, they are meeting regarding visiting the women’s prison church at least once a month for Sunday service where Ruth will be teaching. Please pray for Gods’ will and direction.
  • Please pray for also for provision for a reliable vehicle that is a blessing to the ministry.

  • Please ask the Lord to send the perfect buyer for the Kampala guesthouse.

Kanyike Family: Kampala
  • Please pray for the team of 15 which recently returned to states, many are recovering from malaria and other illnesses.
  • Pray for safety as violent theft is on the rise especially involving foreigners.
  • Praise report that the protests have ended!
  • Please continue to pray for safety and health for all the missionaries and visitors.
  • Please pray for the administrative work that needs to be done to be accomplished; there have been many issues this month with power and the repair of a broken step up transformer which caused us to get a bit behind.
  • Please pray for Brian as he pastors at CCK.
  • Pray for Brian and Jill as they begin premarital counseling with a new couple.
  • Pray for Jill as she prepares for a new study she will be teaching beginning in August.
  • Pray for all the ministries taking place at CCK.
  • Thank you for faithfully praying for the ministry in Uganda and the Kanyike family.

Eastham Family: Kampala
  • Pray for their stress management and relief.  Their second year living in Uganda is much more stressful than the first.

G***** Family
  • Pray that God would have His hand upon K***’s appointment.
  • Pray for safe travel to and from the necessary appointments.  Praise God, He is faithful and they need not worry.
  • Keep them in prayer as they finish up the necessary steps before taking the interview.

Mark Piester
  • Please continue to pray for God's provision for the upcoming summer camps. Praise God, for the Lord's provision for more than half of the necessary funds have been received to date. We trust that the Lord will fully fund the camps once again this year.  Ask the Lord for much fruit from the presentation of Christ’s love.

Ceaser Family
  • Pray for approval of their four year work and residence permit from the Mauritian Government. They are waiting for a positive response from the Ministry of Labour now that their file is complete. Pray for favor and a positive decision for them to receive our work and residence permits for Mauritius.
  • Ask for God’s continued provision for the ministry; to be good stewards in order to build up our reserve fund that has been diminished due to the increased expenses related to their pioneering work on Mauritius.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the love of Christ with people they meet. 
  • Ask God to be in all the administrative work that Eric is carrying out in regards to the permits, and developing the carpentry and food service courses for CHARIS.
  • Pray for the neighbors’ from Sierra Leone; four women from the same family who are being ministered to by Sheila. Pray for wisdom on how to best share her faith with them.
  • Pray for Mary, an Eritrean woman whose foot injury and physical condition hinders her from work; is learning crocheting in order to make a living.

E**** Family
  • Please keep T*** lifted.  Things are very difficult for her.  Pray that with all that goes on around her, her eyes will never waiver from her Savior.
  • Please continue to pray for the adoption.  Things appear more complicated; pray for the family as they rest in Him for the outcome.  Ask Him to make legal the family He has already provided. 
  • Pray for the needed fingerprints and for the adoption packet to be approved and complete to go to C*** by August. 
  • Please also pray for the additional documentation being mailed which includes irreplaceable documentation that they need.
  • Praise the Lord with them for T*** new contract and all the additional and advanced classes she was asked to teach.

  • Praise God!  He took care of all the details and provided a tremendous increase on the efforts of the yard sale!
  • Please continue to pray for Sheri, that the Lord would heal her from her seizures.  Ask the Lord to give the Doctor’s wisdom and discernment on the best course of action in treating her.  Pray that she and her husband would have His wisdom as they walk through these trials.
  • Ask the Lord to be in the transport of the latest container to South Sudan.  Pray that it would arrive with perfect timing. 
  • Please continue to pray for the family of Carol Garlow, as they adjust to this season.  Grieving is a process.

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