29 July 2010

Vision Casting Dinner

The following is a note from one of our Extreme Missions Training students about a fundraiser dinner they will be putting on at Horizon Christian Fellowship in the Clairemont area, San Diego, CA.

Please read!  We hope you'll make it!
Dear Friends,

I'm excited to invite you to join Rachel, Matt and I as we cast a
vision to you about our upcoming missions trip to Africa with Far
Reaching Ministries. As I am getting ready to send this email, I can
hardly believe the time has come for us to finally gather all of our
friends together to communicate you all of you what we will be doing
in the Extreme Missions Training Program.

We would be honored if you could join us August 5th at Horizon
Christian Fellowship to hear this vision. Please see the attached
flyer for more details. Also, if any of you are interested in
receiving a prayer letter from me regarding this mission, please email
me your mailing address and I will gladly send you a copy. I hope to
see you soon!

In His Service,

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28 July 2010

Update: Sage and Courage

Sage and Courage are gearing up for Africa. They got their shots yesterday and were very brave for being 8 & 10 years old.  As a ministry we are excited to see these kids want to make a difference for God’s kingdom.  Please keep these kids in prayer as they go on the biggest adventure of their lives. Pray the will come back wanting to do more great things for God’s Kingdom.

If you would like to support them know you will be contributing to what the Lord will be doing with them as well as the kids in Africa.

To support these two, Click HERE
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27 July 2010

Anthony Mejia, husband of FRM staff member Kelly Mejia, dons the Rabuna Fi "Hemp Necklace" bundle and "Pashmina" to prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks, Anthony, for opening our eyes to the many applications of Rabuni Fi crafts.

Shop Online and make YOUR fashion statement while supporting the women of Rabuna Fi!
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16 July 2010

Continue Praying for Uganda!

Thank you for your continued prayers for the attacks in Uganda to cease. We are vigilantly watching and seeking to protect the church and missionaries serving in Kampala. Please continue to pray for the perpetrators to be brought to justice, the protection for all from any injury or loss of life, strength, wisdom and discernment for the leadership of each FRM project and the authorities seeking to resolve the problem. We will to keep updating you on the situation. Thank you and may the Lord bless and protect you also!

In Christ,
The FRM Family in Uganda

14 July 2010

Urgent: Prayer Request! More Bombings in Uganda...

Please pray for the safety of the people in Uganda. Today another bomb exploded in the Kampala city center. We have heard, but not yet confirmed, that no one was hurt. We also learned that a church near to the guesthouse had four bombs planted inside, fortunately, all were disarmed safely. All our missionaries are safe and taking great precaution. We are closely monitoring the situation. We have advised our missionaries to stay inside unless absolutely necessary as a precautionary measure.  We have no indication that missionaries in other cities or locations are at risk at this time.

There are many rumors flying around and people are worried. The group responsible, Al-Shabbab, is based in Somalia with ties to Al-Qaeda. They claim to be against Uganda because of their supporting the African Peace keeping Union with troops in Somalia. Right now we covet your prayers for safety, peace, and full protection. God is in control and this is an opportunity for us all to shine for the Lord. We will keep you updated as we learn more. Thank you all so much!

12 July 2010

Uganda Twin Bombings

Good morning.

We just wanted to update everyone on the status of our missionaries that are serving in Kampala.  All of our missionaries are safe. As we continue to receive more specific news, we will update you.   According to the news, (see the link to yahoo) the Somalia government is not targeting Americans, but Uganda itself.  Uganda is stepping up security.

You can follow THIS LINK for more info.

If you are traveling soon to Sudan, this does not impact Sudan at all.

Please pray for those that have been affected by this tragic incident. 

Cooking Posho

Cooks at the Nyongwa Primary School in South Sudan prepare lunch for the children. Ever tasted Posho?  How about cornmeal?  Same thing.  Posho is a staple food here in Sudan and is made by cooking white-corn flour until it is thick enough to cut with a knife.  It’s quite delicious with beans.  However, as you can see by this photo, it takes some serious muscles to make it.

09 July 2010

Faith Like a Child

We are so blessed when we hear the Lord putting His calling on kids of all ages. We have two of our kids from the ministry, Sage 10 and Courage 8, who are being led by the Lord to go to Africa to help with our Love Covers outreach in Masindi. Sage has always felt the Lord calling her and now He has opened the door. Courage is already feeling the compassion and is starting to see how God is moving.

We could not have been more blessed than when we learned that our church (Calvary Chapel South Bay) VBS wanted to support the kids going to Africa. Peggy and Pastor Stef rallied the VBS kids to bring in pencils in so Sage and Courage can take them to Africa and put them in the back packs for the Ugandan Kids.

Next week the kids will be brining coins in to help raise money for Sage and Courages trip. It has been a powerful testimony to Sage and Courage how the Lord works. About a year ago Sage asked me how she knows the Lord is speaking to her. Well the Lord told her she was going to be a missionary and now He has opened that door! Thank you Lord for how you work.

So if you feel led to help support you can click here https://www.frmusa.org/support/SageandCourageForsythe

Watch their video from VBS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIV0xpF9oVc

01 July 2010

Love Covers! Update

Last week a team from FRM Nimule and four wonderful people from America spent three glorious days with the primary school children of Nyongwa Village.
     We started each day with a teaching about Jesus as our loving provider. Next we played games, colored pictures, made gospel-story bracelets, watched and presented skits, laughed, presented more teaching, sang and danced.
     The event culminated with a drama presentation by the Chaplains of Far Reaching Ministries; a final message and altar call; and distribution of “Love Packs”. 
     Each student received a back pack filled with a mosquito net, a blanket, school supplies, a “Love Covers Africa” t-shirt and a school uniform. For most families, just getting money to eat is a daily struggle, so a back pack and supplies is a luxury most can’t afford. What a blessing!