14 January 2010

A Photo Gallery from Natasha

Little Jasmine on a second floor with one of her brothers Keenan

Austin is pointing to our new guest house

Second floor, this is where Dave and Twinkle are living

This is a view we enjoy :)

Little stairs to the second level in  our apartment

This is our shower :) it was under construction but now it looks much better :) and sometimes three people can shower before the water goes down.

Our living room...with our African Christmas tree :)

This is how we dry our clothes

Kevin in the back yard

Kitchen....Eunice is enjoying her time there. It's small, not enough cupboards, but we fit in and live like a real family!

 This is John Langley's kids room :) Only four of them will fit in there...little Jasmine is still sharing the room with her parents :)

This is a picture of my room...

And this is Austin and his room!

04 January 2010

Natasha and the New Apartments

Here I am getting ready to clean out the floor in the new apartments with acid..it was an experience...this acid was so strong...wow...I covered my face with a scarf...and I really cleaned it with prayer! The floors here were so dirty...it looks much better now. Praise the Lord!

Please pray our team will get settled and shine as a bright light in this new neighborhood. The harvest fields are ripe and ready and we are very willing to be used for the work! Love ~ Natasha

Therese and the Orphan Care Center

Twelve infants (3 sets of twins) and 10 toddlers live at the Kitgum Infant Orphan Care Center. Donations from caring people abroad made it possible to bring a gift of clothing, juice and cookies to each child; and tea, sugar and cookies to staff and caregivers.
First, however, we read the Christmas story, complete with pictures for the children, then we prayed and gave thanks. Here the children enjoy biscuits and juice in their new outfits. The twins in red caps are Opio and Ocen … adorable!

Calvary Chapel Bor, Sudan

Chaplain Elijah Yai is pasturing Calvary Chapel Bor. These photos show the roof being constructed. In Upper Nile, the rainy season flood the Nile river, making boats the main form of transportation. This shelter will ensure the believers have a safe dry place to worship. The yellow t-shirts are the choir uniforms. Please pray this fledgling church will grow daily by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your support of the chaplaincy program....we are reaching Africa, one village at a time!