13 March 2012

Baby Josiah By Jamie McKinley

Josiah means healed by Jehovah, or Jehovah will support.

With a name like that this baby boy came into the lives of William and Janet a couple from our church (the name was picked before birth).  He was born in December premature and with a rare and deadly heart condition.  This couple instead of blaming God for this trial has become a witness to their community and family about putting their faith in God to do a miracle.

This couple has said whether God heals miraculously, or through surgery, or even if He takes their baby back to Heaven they will give Him the glory.  As I held baby Josiah and see the face of his parents I was encouraged by their complete trust in the Lord's sovereignty.

Yet with a name like Josiah it is amazing to see Jehovah support them with money for the hospital and now they might even have a chance of corrective heart surgery in Germany.  Please pray for this couple and baby Josiah that God would continue to be glorified through them. Please pray that God would provide a way for the baby to have the heart surgery needed and that through it, many would see the power of Jehovah.

In Him,


Vicky said...
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Vicky said...

Praise God! This was so encouraging! Thank you for sharing it inspires me to trust God more myself.
I will be praying for William, Janet, and Josiah. God bless you Jamie!