08 September 2012

John ~ by Vicky Bentley

John listening as I read Anne Graham Lotz's, "Heaven, God's Promise for Me."

Meet my friend John! His smile is ALWAYS that bright and He loves Jesus passionately. John and his family fled from the LRA and now live at Canaan Farm. His mother Ketty is part of Rabuna Fi and
is sewing the "pouches of prayer" - bags to hold the Bible,
workbook, pen and paper that will be given to
EVERY guest at the  Anne Graham Lotz, Rooted in More of Jesus Uganda event.

The same Jesus Ketty worships is alive in John...
His joy remains even when sitting in his wheel chair starts to hurt,
or it gets lonely in his room because no one is there to talk with him...  
John and Jesus go through life hand in hand,
heart to heart...I want to live like that too...don't you?
I hope one day you will come and see it for yourself....
because if John hears you came just to see him
he will flash that smile I love so much...
as proof of that your love in action
feels to John exactly like the touch of Jesus love he knows so well..


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