14 January 2010

A Photo Gallery from Natasha

Little Jasmine on a second floor with one of her brothers Keenan

Austin is pointing to our new guest house

Second floor, this is where Dave and Twinkle are living

This is a view we enjoy :)

Little stairs to the second level in  our apartment

This is our shower :) it was under construction but now it looks much better :) and sometimes three people can shower before the water goes down.

Our living room...with our African Christmas tree :)

This is how we dry our clothes

Kevin in the back yard

Kitchen....Eunice is enjoying her time there. It's small, not enough cupboards, but we fit in and live like a real family!

 This is John Langley's kids room :) Only four of them will fit in there...little Jasmine is still sharing the room with her parents :)

This is a picture of my room...

And this is Austin and his room!

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